Comprehensive IoT Solution

Uptime-IoT fulfills the market’s need for a simple, effective and flexible system that delivers service providers and facility managers real-time visibility into critical industrial equipment.

Uptime-IoT Monitoring

Continuous Visibility

Efficiently delivered with three dashboard levels

Companies Dashboard

View current status of all connected companies.

System Monitoring

View live status and production for all equipment and systems.

Asset Details

Access real-time status readings of all monitored equipment.

Real-Time Email & Text Notifications

Get live updates and monitor the status of every asset on the go. Easily customize how and when you receive notifications from your dashboard. Platform intelligence eliminates false alarms and only prioritizes actionable information.

  • Specify text or email notifications for each alert type
  • Select a day/time range to receive alerts
  • Cause and resolution AI included for every alert
Uptime-IoT Intuitive Dashboard

Analytics & Reporting

Engineering tools to increase the value of data acquisition

Power Graphing

Powerful analytics utility allows any user to graph any recorded data point.

Any Data Point

Reporting utility allows users to generate comprehensive reports that can be used for easily tracking any data point – like power consumption energy efficiency, and system uptime.

Customizable Reports

Reports can be manually generated or set to run and email on a schedule.

Connect Without Limitation

Single Login

Our comprehensive IoT solution is compatible with and capable to monitor all equipment types.

Support & Accessories

Full line of accessories, sensors, and protocol converters that include engineering support — making connection to anything simple.

Tested Solutions

The RMX Platform has been tried and tested, and optimized through multiple platform evolutions with thousands of assets already connected.


Creates a local wireless RMX Network to communicate with and collect data from an unlimited number of monitored equipment or devices.

RMX Radio

Wireless radio for communicating equipment or device information to the RMX Box securely over wireless RMX Network.


For connecting remote or mobile equipment to the RMX Cloud directly without transmitting data over the RMX Network.


For connecting to equipment or devices without digital controller or for custom instrumentation of anything using our kits sensors.


Unlimited options for instrumentations. Full line of sensors, transmitters, protocol converters, and accessories that can connect anything to the RMX Platform.